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BizTalk – integration with MFG/PRO

Do you think that your MFG/PRO system is inefficient and the successive modifications to the system too expensive and time-consuming? Welcome to the club! MFG/PRO was a very popular ERP system about 10 years ago. However his Achilles’ heel was always the ability to integrate with other IT systems. For this reason, the introduction of even the slightest changes in a business process or other IT systems within the company involves the need to modify the MFG/PRO. It is not a good solution to upgrade MFG/PRO to the latest version of QAD Enterprise Applications – if you have introduced numerous modifications to the system, the upgrade is basically a completely new implementation. Cheaper and simpler way to solve the problem is to use BizTalk Server as an integration platform and replace the selected areas of MFG/PRO with specialized IT systems.

  • Quick solution to current problems – deciding to implement specialized IT systems and integrate them with MFG/PRO by means of BizTalk Server, you can quickly solve the current problems in selected areas. In this way you will regain the ability to further automate business processes and quickly introduce changes in your orgnization.

  • Easy and cost effective integration – BizTalk Server is the most cost-effective integration platform on the market. The great advantage of BizTalk Server is also the ease with which the platform can be implemented in an organization. Also, the cost of implementing specialized IT systems is incomparably lower than the costs of implementing a new ERP system.

  • Flexibility – taking advantage of specialized IT systems and BizTalk Server provides usually greater functionality in the selected areas than in an ERP solution. It also allows you to integrate your IT systems with applications of external partners easilly. At the same time you retain the possibility of migration to a new ERP system, if the need arises in the future.

Fild.NET’s consultants have extensive experience in conducting projects that integrate specialized IT systems with MFG/PRO by means of the BizTalk Server integration paltform.

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