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Reduce your BizTalk development costs by half

Our BizTalk consultants have carried out dozens of BizTalk Server integration, upgrade, maintenance and support projects. We have worked for many global corporations, such as ABB, Skandia, Airbus Military, Vattenfall, Opel, Pernod Ricard, as well as for mid-sized companies operating throughout the world. We provide our services in a cost-effective nearshoring model that will enable you to reduce your BizTalk development and support costs by half.

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Learn how to start cooperation with us in four easy steps:


Contact us and arrange a call back
To learn more about the terms of cooperation with us and to form your own opinion about our expertise, please contact us. Fill in the form and choose the most convenient time for us to call you.


Arrange a meeting with our BizTalk consultant
When talking on the phone with us, you can briefly describe your needs concerning the planned BizTalk project as well as its key requirements. If our answers make you feel that we meet your expectations, you can set up a personal encounter with our BizTalk consultant.


Define the scope, time and money
During a personal meeting – at a time and place convenient for you – you can brief us more thoroughly on the extent and duration of the project as well as present your expectations as to the financial terms of cooperation. All those matters may also be clarified later on, in the course of additional contacts.

The project starts
When all the details of the cooperation have been agreed upon, the project begins. We will carry it out based on a process consisting of several well-practiced steps and using mutually agreed tools.

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