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The Cloud


Cloud computing is a data processing model based on the use of services provided by external organizations. This means no need to purchase a license or having to install and administrate the software. IT solutions based on the cloud have been becoming more and more popular for some time and among the most popular are Microsoft products: Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

  • Microsoft Azure– a platform that allows developers to run applications and store data on servers owned and supported by Microsoft. Such applications in the cloud can be used for both business and individual clients.
  • Microsoft Office 365 – well-known Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud. They allow access from anywhere to e-mail, web conferencing, documents and calendars. The service offers business-class security provided by Microsoft.

Fild.NET’s consultants have extensive experience in implementing IT systems based on the Microsoft Azure platform, and also in activating Office 365 applications in organizations. Our experience will allow you to enter the world of cloud-based Microsoft solutions safely and fast.