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SOA Governance


Fild.NET is a partner of SOA Software and offers SOA Software’s SOA governance solutions on the Polish market. SOA Software is a leading provider of unified SOA Governance. Cloud and API Management products that enable organizations to plan, build, and run enterprise services and Open APIs.

SOA Software approach ensures the security, reliability, performance and ease of development of service-oriented business applications. With SOA Software, you build the right services, build them the right way, and then assure that your services are behaving correctly. SOA Software products allow you to connect and control SOA platform components, including enterprise service buses (ESBs) from multiple vendors.

SOA Software builds its integrated SOA governance solution around its Policy ManagerTM product for lifecycle governance and policy management. Policy Manager integrates seamlessly with Service Manager for operational governance, with Portfolio Manager for planning governance, and with Repository Manager for comprehensive Development Governance.

SOA Software products includes also the SOLATMsolution, which makes Web services governable on a Mainframe SOA platform. SOA Software latest solution is Atmosphere which provides a secure, robust platform that companies can use to share their APIs with the growing developer community.
The world’s largest companies including Bank of America, Pfizer, and Verizon use SOA Software products to accelerate their adoption of SOA and transform their businesses.