Fild.NET: New Applications for SharePoint Online -

Fild.NET: New Applications for SharePoint Online

Fild.NET has just released three new applications for SharePoint Online in Office 365 Marketplace: RateMe Pro, Question Box and Auctions. More Fild.NET’s SharePoint applications are currently being developed.

RateMe PRO is designed to assess employees in relation to their various competencies. With this application, the HR department can easily plan and carry out a periodic evaluation of employees. Key features of the app include: creating periodic evaluation sheets based on a database of competencies, evaluation sheets completed by staff and evaluators, assessment grouping by department, position etc., and creating presentations of periodic evaluation results.

QuestionBox is an application that allows anonymous users to ask questions – for example, to the president of a company, to those responsible for company’s departments or to experts. Answers may be made available to all employees as public (FAQ), or only to the person asking the question.

Auctions is a program designed to support the sale of company’s unneeded fixed assets to employees. Products are displayed at an internal auction, where employees can bid on them.

In Office 365 Marketplace there are currently four Fild.NET’s applications. The earliest one is Time Off, which streamlines the process of submitting and processing leave requests in a company. The software is available in the Lite version for small businesses and in the PRO version for larger organizations, in six languages.

Fild.NET is currently developing more SharePoint applications. The closest to completion are two of them: Electronic Chancellery – which is a combination of a digital archive and a registry of incoming documents, and HelpDesk – for reporting bugs and problems.

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