Fild.NET Moves PZJ to the Windows Azure Platform -

Fild.NET Moves PZJ to the Windows Azure Platform

Fild.NET is to build a comprehensive solution automating the operation of the Polish Equestrian Federation (PZJ). The new system will be based on the Windows Azure platform, using SharePoint Online applications.

The PZJ has so far used several different applications to manage its operation, including apps for the registration of horses, breeders, judges and equestrian competitions. These applications, however, did not provide full data synchronization and exchange and the cost of adapting them to the PZJ’s requirements would be much higher than the development of a new solution. For this reason the PZJ board has decided to create a dedicated system from scratch.

“We have chosen Fild.NET as the company that presented the best offer. It combined the attractive price, high competence and experience of the project team, as well as modern architecture of the proposed solution. Placing the system in the cloud will reduce the amount to be spent, while ensuring relatively low costs of maintenance and further development. As we are a public organization and we need to be careful about our finances, we selected this option,” said Lukasz Abgarowicz, President of the Polish Equestrian Federation.

In the first phase of the project a module will be implemented for the collection of data on individuals, institutions, horses and equestrian competitions. Next, a system will be created for generating reports on horses, riders, competition results etc. The system is to run on Windows Azure, using an SQL Azure database. At the next stage of the project applications will be installed for handling office processes. The applications will be set up on the basis of Fild.NET’s existing apps that are available in the SharePoint Online store. They include: Chancellery – which is a combination of a digital archive and a register of incoming documents, TimeOff – for handling leave requests, and Auctions – for selling fixed assets to employees.

“The solution is being developed in accordance with the agile Scrum methodology, which assumes the delivery of system components every few weeks. In this way you gain full control over the software development and the ability to prioritize particular functions. This ensures the proper adjustment of the system capabilities to the needs of users. The implementation of this project based on the Scrum methodology would not be possible without the commitment of the PZJ board. Its role was not merely to select a solution provider, but it has also been actively contributing to defining the substantive content of the system modules, which I appreciate,” said Andrzej Biesiekirski, CEO at Fild.NET.

The launch of the project was preceded by an analysis of the system used at the PZJ headquarters and developing the concept for a new solution.

The Polish Equestrian Federation is an organization of riders, coaches, referees, and activists as well as equine veterinarians. At present the PZJ is the only official Polish equestrian organization recognized by the Polish Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee, belonging also to the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). The PZJ is involved in all forms of equestrian sports, both professional and amateur. It looks after seven equestrian disciplines performed professionally, on an amateur basis and for leisure. At the moment, the Polish Equestrian Federation’s register covers over 1,700 riders and more than 3,350 horses competing in all equestrian disciplines and affiliated in 327 clubs and sections, belonging to the 16 Regional Equestrian Federations. More information: