Fild.NET Implements MS Dynamics CRM in Logis -

Fild.NET Implements MS Dynamics CRM in Logis

Fild.NET implemented MS Dynamics CRM 2011 in Logis, a market-leading distributor of products in the field of warehouse logistics. Logis also provides advice and comprehensive services in the area of warehouse and distribution system optimization.

Due to its rapid growth Logis decided to implement a CRM system. The company needed an advanced solution to streamline processes in the area of sales management and execution of service requests as well as procedures related to the prioritization of sales opportunities and cost control.

After a thorough analysis of the available solutions Logis chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The implementation was carried out by Fild.NET, specializing in advanced Microsoft products. In addition to the standard features of the system, Fild.NET proposed several modifications to adapt it to the individual needs of Logis. Some of these modifications included: a change in the appearance of user forms, automatic numbering of sales projects and the ability to identify sales opportunities as well as the introduction of automated dissemination of these data for subsequent processes (procurement and invoicing) with a view to controlling the sales process cost. Also product forms and service areas were modified and new search options and new links between forms were added in order to fully adapt them to the specific nature of the sales and service departments at Logis.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Logis managed to systematize its sales and service processes as well as prioritize sales opportunities, enabling sales people to focus on the most promising leads. Additionally, the company has gained the possibility of controlling sales and servicing costs on a constant basis and of creating various types of summary reports. Based on such data Logis can take adequate measures to keep costs under control. The system has also allowed for the collection of reliable and timely data in one place, including analytical data that facilitate identifying best practices in sales and servicing, identification of weaknesses, sharing this knowledge and thus a constant process optimization.

“We followed a business recommendation –regarding the selection of both a CRM system and a company to carry out the implementation – and it proved a very good move. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has fully met our expectations, supporting our sales and servicing processes as well as their management. We are also very pleased with the implementation process which was conducted by Fild.NET efficiently and professionally,” said Jacek Kuśnierczak, Vice President of Logis.