Fild.NET: BizTalk Server implementation at TIM SA

Fild.NET: BizTalk Server implementation at TIM SA

Fild.NET has implemented Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 at TIM SA, one of the leading companies on the distribution market of electrical goods in Poland.

Implementation of MS BizTalk at TIM SA was to allow a gradual activation of specialized IT systems: WMS (Warehouse Management System), CRM (Customer Relations Management) and MDM (Master Data Management). These systems are to replace in selected areas the MFG/PRO ERP system, used by the TIM SA since 2001.

“Our MFG/PRO system has been modified several times since the implementation to enable the smooth operation of TIM SA on an increasing scale. But as our company grows – and there have emerged new areas of activity, new sales channels and requirements for customer service, access to information and automation of business processes – the restrictions of MFG/PRO have become increasingly apparent. Initially, we considered ugrade or replacing it with another ERP system, but after careful analysis, we concluded that a better solution would be to implement specialized IT systems and their integration with existing ERP using an ESB platform. This approach not only was the most cost-effective, but also provides more flexibility and possibility of gradual implementation of new applications” – says Tomasz Nowowiejski, Head of IT in TIM SA.

TIM has decided to implement BizTalk platform with Fild.NET, which was recommended for this project by Microsoft. In the first stage of the integration project’s consultants prepared 25 Web Services, which enabled the integration of MFG/PRO with specialized new IT systems. Created groups of Web Services have been cataloged in the UDDI registry to allow easy use of them. The data, which were to be exchanged between MFG/PRO and specialized IT systems, has been written in the canonical schema standard OAGIS 9.4.1. The use of the canonical data model allowed to determine common to all systems data exchange format, which was necessary for the smooth integration process. In the second stage of the project there was the integration of MFG/PRO with WMS carried out.

“Operation of the new solution to the greatest simplification is that Biztalk provides specialized IT systems with data from MFG/PRO as a web service. This also works the other way – through BizTalk Server data from specialized IT systems are transmitted to MFG/PRO. It makes it possible to use powerful functionality of new applications without complex and costly modifications to the MFG/PRO ERP system, treating it as a system of recording transactional data” - explains Andrzej Biesiekirski, CEO of Fild.NET Sp. z o.o.

High availability of the new solution is ensured by installing it on VMware. It is also noteworthy that there have been implemented the standards of error handling and monitoring activities of BizTalk Server, which provided the use of the ESB Management Portal tool, part of the BizTalk ESB Toolkit.

Fild.NET has implemented the project in the nearshoring model. This means that Fild.NET’s consultants appeared personally in TIM SA only if it was really needed. The rest of the work was done remotely, mostly in the Bialystok programming center of Fild.NET, using the tools for project management, document exchange and video-conferencing. Also the servicing of the new solution is to be handled in the nearshoring model as well as the implementation of future orders.

TIM SA is one of the leading companies on the Polish distribution market of electrical goods, whose shares have been quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1998. The company’s distribution network consists of a logistics center with an area of 30 thousand sqm, located in Siechnice, and 30 wholesales scattered across Poland. The number of electrical goods in the TIM’s offer counts tens of thousands, of which several thousand are a permanent storage items. More on TIM SA: