“Faster Logistics and Distribution With BizTalk Services” – Join Us for a Business Lunch -

“Faster Logistics and Distribution With BizTalk Services” – Join Us for a Business Lunch

Are you looking for ways to speed up connecting your trading partners or suppliers to support revenue growth and at the same time lower your IT costs? Do you suffer from occasional performance problems of your B2B platform? Would you like to see your B2B platform monitoring capabilities improved? If your answer to one of these questions is “yes”, presumably you might be interested in attending a business lunch held in Antwerp, Belgium, in September, 2014, where you can learn about Microsoft’s new innovative solution for B2B integration – Windows Azure Biztalk Services (WABS).

The event is organized by Fild.NET (operating on global markets under the Multishoring.info brand) and Cnext – Microsoft’s Application Integration Gold Partners and Windows Azure Circle Partners. At the event you can learn how you can benefit from the Windows Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) version of BizTalk to integrate your business with trading partners and suppliers (order processing, supplies, delivery), automate your document flows (invoices, credit & collection, incoming letters), and on-board new services or companies more quickly.

During the lunch you will also have an opportunity to listen to the testimonials of other logistics and distribution industry leaders. They all have taken advantage of Windows Azure BizTalk Services to enable fast and cost-effective B2B integration, easy on-boarding of new partners, smooth monitoring, and at the same time ensuring scalability and flexibility as never before.

While listening to these companies you can get inspired on how your company can benefit from WABS. You can also get free-of-charge logistics and distribution expert advice from Cnext and Fild.NET on how to start using Windows Azure BizTalk Services and for what purposes.

Agenda of the event:

- Customer testimonials
- Challenges & solutions
- Facing difficulties with adapting to the standards of your partners/suppliers? And to maintain them?

  • How do you cope with growth in the number of orders or suppliers?
  • How difficult is it for you to get the end to end insight into the performance of your processes?
  • How much effort do you spend complying with your industry standards?
  • Do you want to get most of your recently implemented Warehouse Management, Transportation, Ecommerce, Self Service Portal or ERP systems through their integration with other external and internal applications?

- Benefits & plan of approach

You can register for the event by contacting us using this form. Please also feel free to ask for a direct meeting before the event if you have a pressing need for Windows Azure BizTalk Services. Meanwhile, you can learn more on Windows Azure BizTalk Services and Fild.NET and Cnext’s joint offer in this regard by clicking here.