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When things go wrong

Being only human, we sometimes make mistakes when cooperating with our clients. Of course, we strive for perfection all the time and do our best to prevent undesirable events. Nevertheless, while working on large and complex projects it may happen that someone of our team makes a wrong move. What can our clients expect from us in such a situation?

  • We never try to hide a problem. It is always communicated openly.
  • The communication of the problem is accompanied by a recovery plan aimed at minimizing the damage and eliminating the possibility of a similar error occurring in the future.
  • The recovery plan is implemented which removes the problem. Processes and solutions are optimized so that a similar problem will not happen in the future.

We believe that open communication and proactive response to emerging issues is the way to deal with any difficulty during cooperation. It also promotes building long-term relationships based on mutual trust and partnership, which is a strategic goal for us in relation to each of our clients.