Fild.NET | Cooperation as a subcontractor

Cooperation as a subcontractor

Our customers include IT and consulting companies that often hire us as a subcontractor on nearshore or offshore IT projects implemented by them. Working with such clients can be run in three models described below.

1) Self-realization of a given part of the project by Fild.NET

  • In this case Fild.NET carries out the project independently and manages it in the scope commissioned by the client. We usually do not have any contact with the end customer or we act as employees of our client.

2) Outsourcing of IT developers

  • Our clients can rent IT developers with desired skills from Fild.NET. In this case Fild.NET manages outsourced developers only in the financial and social matters. All issues related to the functioning of hired workers in the IT project are at the client side.
  • Cooperating in this model we assume an interim stay of our outsourced IT developers at the client (for about 1-2 weeks). At that time, programmers are getting familiar with the project team and details of the project. After a stay at the client, further cooperation takes place remotely, which is interspersed with periodic visits to the client, as appropriate.

3) Assistance in providing technical support

  • A special type of cooperation as a subcontractor is to perform tasks associated with the provision of technical support for customers of our client.
  • This cooperation starts with a personal meeting – at the stage before signing the agreement. During the meeting, we get initially accustomed with the system to be covered by our technical support. There is also the initial task and a trial period (e.g. 1-1,5 months) set up, which is to allow our client to get familiar with the standard of our services.
  • In the first week of collaboration all tasks are performed remotely – on a shared screen, together with a client’s IT person. From the second week 1 hour of consultation a day is sufficient to discuss any problems that have arisen during the day.
  • After the trial period we are fully ready to take over the provision of technical support of the system – appearing before the end customer either as an external company, or as employees of our client.
  • If the client is also convinced of our ability to take on tasks in technical support, the cooperation is formalized.
  • Then the operation is performed in a multishoring model. If a personal encounter with the end customer is needed, there are support people of our client. In other cases, the operation is carried out remotely by Fild.NET.