TimeOFF – The Employees’ Leave Requests App for SharePoint

TimeOff for SharePoint Server 2013 is an application designed for Human Resources departments, streamlining the process of submitting and processing employees’ leave requests. The application enables employees to submit leave requests with ease, while allowing authorized staff to accept or reject such requests. TimeOFF is offered in the Lite version – for small organizations, and in the PRO version – for bigger organizations. It can be also prepared for any other SharePoint version and customized to your specific needs and requirements.

TimeOFF v. Lite key features

TimeOFF v. Lite is an application ideal for small organizations. It offers the following functionality:

  • The ability to specify any types of leave from work and the relationships between them, as well as public holidays
  • The ability to assign to every employee the days off he or she is entitled to (for each of the pre-defined types of leaves)
  • The ability for every employee to verify independently his or her leave entitlements available
  • The ability for every employee to request a leave
  • The ability to create vacation plans visible to an employee only, and their subsequent changes to leave requests
  • Single-level acceptance of leave requests, e.g. by the management of the company
  • A calendar available to an employee that presents his or her leave requests and vacation plans that makes it possible to track the status of each leave request

A sample TimeOFF page: "New leave request form"

TimeOFF v. PRO key features

TimeOff v. PRO is an application that offers the following additional functionality to v. Lite necessary for bigger organizations:

  • Two-step acceptance of leave requests available depending on the type of a leave request (e.g. a manager + HR)
  • E-mail notifications with planned leave entries into a calendar (iCal)
  • Graphical presentation of vacation plans of staff available to their manager and HR Department
  • The ability to indicate an assistant allowed to accept leave requests (e.g. on behalf of the CEO)
  • The ability to print leave requests and reports
  • Planned features: data export to external systems (csv), API to retrieve leave data, extended leave planning, days-off calendars for each employee.

How to install it?

The TimeOff application can be installed in the Office 365 and SharePoint  Server 2013 environment.

To install TimeOFF, select “Add an app” from the SharePoint site on which you want to add the application. Then, from the side menu select “SharePoint Store” which will take you to the Microsoft Office365 Marketplace.
The application is available in the “Human Resources” section. Select “Add it” and follow the instructions on the page by clicking the following buttons: “Continue” and “Trust it“. After completing those steps, the application will be installed on the SharePoint platform.
While installing the paid version of TimeOff PRO, you have to choose the number of licenses you want to purchase. You can buy any number of licenses and assign them to users, depending on your needs.


When you have installed the application, it will appear in the “Quick Launch” menu which enables its rapid launch at any time. When you first run the application it will display a user configuration manual. You can go back to the manual at any time – the link to it is available in the administration panel.

In the configuration process you can define leave types and the relationships between them, as well as public holidays. You can also assign to every employee the days off he or she is entitled to (for each of the pre-defined types of leaves), and a person or persons who will approve leave requests.

A sample TimeOFF page: "App Administration"


1) How to enter the number of days off for the leave type that has no limit in the year (e.g. sick leaves)?
You can add such a leave type in the “Types of leave” section available in the administration panel, and then enter 365 as the number of possible days off for the year associated with this leave type.

Tell us how to improve our app

We are constantly working on the development of the TimeOff application. Therefore, if you have any ideas how to improve our app, please tell us using this form. We are open to any hints and suggestions.