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SharePoint Apps in the Office Store

The recently announced Office Store is a spot where every Office 365 user can browse through the Internal App Directory to find web-based apps and services available for Exchange, Lync, Office and SharePoint Online.

The Office Store allows you to:

  • Search by product, department, business need, or location.
  • Use Ratings and Reviews to identify high-performing offerings.
  • Try demo versions and download applications.

SharePoint apps are by far the most important part of the Office Store. It is so because SharePoint requires more customization than other Microsoft software to adjust it to industry and department-specific needs. Using SharePoint applications from Office 365 Marketplace you can find the needed solution very fast and at a lower cost than ever before. However, you must be aware that you can find only universal applications for common solutions in the marketplace.

Taking advantage of SharePoint apps from Office Store also allows you to find easily companies with exactly the SharePoint expertise you need to meet your business IT needs. You can ask those companies to adjust their already existing application to your requirements or to develop a new one, tailored specifically to your needs. All SharePoint apps created specifically for your organization can be made available throughout your organization’s private App Catalog. All you need to do is simply download it and install on your SharePoint site.

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