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BizTalk – SAP integration

Do you have the SAP ERP system and feel that its options related to the process integration (SAP PI) are not satisfactory? You are not the only one. SAP PI is ideal for organizations where SAP is already the dominant system. But for companies that next to SAP use a lot of other systems from different vendors, integration with SAP PI is not an ideal solution. It is very expensive, also maintenance of such a solution is related to large expenditures. Apart from that it is difficult to integrate own systems with applications of external partners using SAP PI. Therefore, a better solution is BizTalk Server with the SAP adapter.

  • Easy, fast and cheaper integration – BizTalk along with a rich suite of adapters allows to easily integrate external applications with the SAP system and enables them to communicate in real time. Integration can be carried out in a very short time and at far lower costs than is the case for SAP PI. This includes the cost of licensing, implementation, maintenance and further development of the integration process.
  • Simplify operations – accessing the SAP ERP system by users often requires many hours of training and can be costly. BizTalk makes the data contained in the SAP ERP system available by publishing them as a web service. This allows users to access data through the familiar tools such as SharePoint Server.
  • Flexibility in the future – integration of SAP with external applications using BizTalk Server provides organizations with complete flexibility in the future. They can easily integrate their systems with applications of external partners, as well as with applications from other vendors than SAP in their own IT environment.

Microsoft BizTalk Adapter 3.0 for mySAP Business Suite enables easy integration with SAP applications and facilitates access to data. This adapter allows you to exchange IDOC, BAPI, and RFC / TRFC messages with SAP.

Fild.NET’s consultants have extensive experience in conducting projects that integrate SAP with other applications, as well as in sharing of data from the SAP system based on the BizTalk Server platform.

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